Heavy Artillery Fire Reported as Battles Intensify in Mansi and Manton

Burmese Army troops currently stationed at Mansi’s Pagoda Hill, also known as Mawrawati Pagoda, fired several artillery rounds on KIA’s 1st Battalion positions on Sept 29 at 10:15 am. KIA frontline sources said Burmese Army troops from 438th, 601st and 602nd Light Infantry Regiments launched an attack on KIA-controlled Dan Sa Pa village following the artillery fire at around noon.

A Mansi resident said Burmese Army officers asked 5 porters from each of the 4 blocks in Mansi.

KIA troops had to withdraw from two frontline posts, Mali Zup Lahta Post and Hka Lum Kawng post, on Tuesday because of intense artillery fire and large numbers of Burmese Army troops.

In northern Shan State, battles continue between KIA’s 34th Battalion troops and Burmese Army troops under 77th Light Infantry Division at Nam Hpyaw Hka Hku in Manton Township on Sept 29 at 2 pm. KIA source said Burmese Army fired artillery rounds on KIA’s 34th Battalion headquarters from Nam Si and Tung Gyi.