9 Zupmai Villagers and 10 Man Seng Villagers Forced to Porter for 88th LID Soldiers

9 Zupmai villagers and 10 Man Seng villagers have been forced to work as porters by Burmese Army’s 88th Light Infantry Division soldiers on Sept 25-25 in northern Shan State. Zupmai village and Man Seng village are located between Momeik and Manton. Locals said the porters were also used to clear land mine as human shields.

One village elder said villagers had to accompanied Burmese soldiers from village to village. “The soldiers forcefully recruit porters whenever they arrive in a village. When they arrive in a village, they released some porters from previous villages and took new porters from that village,” said the elder.

Burmese Army troops from 77th LID, 88th LID and local Shan militia units have been conducting offensive operations against KIA’s 34th Battalion and TNLA in Momeik and Manton Township.