Battles Rage in northern Shan State

A combined force of KIA’s tactical troops and Kachin People’s Militia (MHH & MKM) troops on Monday launched an attack on Burmese Army troops currently stationed between Lau Shang Jai and Lau Ja Jai in Mungkoe Township in northern Shan State at around 9:40 am. A KIA source said its troops attacked Burmese Army troops as they’re reinforced and advanced into KIA-controlled area from four directions.

Kachin troops ambushed Burmese Army troops who were marching from Mung Ya to Mungkoe area at Bung Hkyet village on the same day at around 5 pm. The two sides also fought near Hpu Htu Jai village earlier in the morning. KIA source said there were no casualties on its side but advancing Burmese Army troops suffered some casualties.

Local sources said more Burmese Army troops from Mungkoe arrive in Man Jap village to reinforce frontline positions.