Battles Intensify as EAOs’ Leaders Prepare for NCA Talks in Naypyitaw

Burmese Army made several attempts to seize a KIA frontline Post near Lawt Mai Yang village in Sumprabum Township. Lawt Mai Yang is located just 2 miles northeast of Mali Yang village which was overrun by Burmese Army in last month.

According to KIA source, a combined force of Burmese Army’s 137th & 138th Light Infantry Battalions troops attacked KIA’s 7th Battalion position at point 519 on Tuesday at around 11 am. Prior to that incident, Burmese Army troops stepped on a mine planted around KIA position at around 8 am.

Burmese Army made a similar attempt to seize KIA position on Aug 24 but landmines deterred them from advancing to the next level, said a KIA officer. “Several rounds of artillery shells have been fired on Lawt Mai Yang village. The entire Lawt Mai Yang village has been evacuated since villagers heard the sound of artillery shells. I think Burmese Army intends to seize Lawt Mai Yang village after they took 7th Battalion’s point 519 position,” the officer said.

Local residents from Mali Yang, Lawt Mai Yang, Jara Yang, Nhtan Zup, Hpung Ing Yang, and Sama Bum village who have been displaced by recent fighting in Mali Yang area are currently sheltered in Sumpra Bum. Some Mali Yang villagers returned to their homes to tend and weed their paddy fields amid dangerous situation. Local CSOs’ source said aid workers who are trying to deliver aid to IDPs stranded in the east side of Mali river have been blocked by Burmese authorities at Tiyang Zup area.

In northern Shan State, TNLA’s 434th Battalion troops engaged in a battle against Burmese Army troops under 77th Light Infantry Division between Nam Khe village and Taung Yo Pagoda in Nam San Township on Aug 26 at 8:15 am. The two sides battled previous day 3 miles west of the latest encounter.

TNLA’s 434th and 978th Battalion troops have been fighting Burmese Army troops under 77th LID in Maing Ngo and Nam San Townships since last Sunday.