Battles Continue Unabated in Hpakant and Northern Shan State

A battle took place between KIA’s 6th Battalion troops and a combined force of Burmese Army’s 336th & 421st Light Infantry Battalion troops and Burmese Army- backed local Tai Leng (Red Shan) militia at Hkum Tsai Zup village in Hpakant Township on June 29 at 11:30 am.

During the battle at Hkum Tsai Zup, one passenger car was struck by gunfires and at least four persons were injured. One man from Inn Daw later died at a military hospital in Myitkyina, said a Nam Ya villager.

A local man said Burmese Army troops fired at the passenger car in retaliation for earlier KIA’s mine attack that hit some of their troops. He said, “Burmese Army commanders from Hpakant and Gat Noi asked village headmen from Hkum Tsi Zup, Gaw Lu Yang and Twin Bridge to leave their homes in a day”.

Burmese Army troops currently stationed at former KIA’s 6th Battalion headquarters Dingying Hill fired several rounds of 120 mm mortar shells on KIA positions at Namjan Hka Hku. Another troops stationed at Ginsi Seng Ra fired 105 mm rounds on KIA positions at Tang Gau Bum.

In northern Shan State, Kachin volunteer troops under KIA’s 34th Battalion ambushed Burmese Army troops under Theinni-based 16th Military Operations Command (MOC) on the road between Theinni and Muse on June 26.

Further north in Shan State, KIA’s 38th Battalion troops have fought a series of battles against Burmese Army troops under 88th Light Infantry Division since June 25.

About 300 Kachin villagers have fled from Man Yang, Nawng Jang, Nawng Hpai and Man Pying village to a China-Burma border village Bang Wa due to intense fighting between KIA and Burmese Army.

Meanwhile, daily battles continue to rage between TNLA troops and Burmese Army in Kutkai, Manton, Kyaukme, and Namsan Townships. TNLA source said battles intensify as Burmese Army reinforced troops from 33rd LID, 77th LID, 88th LID, and 99th LID to existing forces in northern Shan State.