A 19-year-old Local Youth Killed by Government’s Construction Workers

Two Kachin local youths were attacked by construction workers who were hired by Burmese government’s construction agency near a bridge construction between Putao and Machang Baw on May 31 at 8:30 pm.

19-year-old Kareng Jat Naw Li was beaten in head with a construction pipe and died at the scene, reported a Putao resident. N-gaw La Doi (20) fled from the attackers and narrowly escaped being killed. It was not clear why the two youths were attacked by the construction workers on the way home from searching stray cattle in the field.

About 500 local residents later came to the scene and asked for the construction workers who killed Kareng Jat Naw Li to be brought to justice. Some construction workers who involved in the attack were handed over to the police by local residents but some are still missing, said the Putao resident.