Battles Continue Unabated in Kachin and Nothern Shan State

KIA’s 1st Battalion troops on Monday fought an unknown Burmese Army unit at Kawng Ja village in southern Kachin State at around 8:30 am.

Battles between KIA troop and Burmese Army forces continue unabated in Mansi Township in southern Kachin State as more government troops arrive in the area and launch multiple offensives.

A battle took place between KIA’s 27th Battalion troops and Burmese Army’s 317th Light Infantry Regiment (LIR) troops at a location between Mahtek and Shadan village on May 9 at 6 am. The battle lasted for an hour. The two sides fought again in the after at around 2:15 pm at the same place.

Another battle took place between KIA’s 12th Battalion troops and a combined force of Burmese Army’s 15th and 142nd Light Infantry Battalions (LIBs) at Hka La Hkaraw on the same day at 5:30 pm.

KIA frontline sources said Burmese army troops under 15th LIB, 86th LIB, 142nd LIB, 601st LIR, and 319th LIR have arrived in area around Nam Lim Pa. The reinforcement troops pounded KIA’s 12th Battalion positions with artillery shells on May 9.

Burmese army troops currently stationed at Hpun Pyen Bum, located near KIO’s Laiza headquarters, fired 3 rounds of 60 mm mortar shells on KIA 24th Battalion’s Hka Bawp post on May 9 at 9 am.

In northern Shan State, a Burmese Army’s artillery unit shelled KIA’s 38th Battalion positions with several mortar rounds on Monday. No casualties have been reported on either side.

Meanwhile, ethnic allied forces from TNLA, AA and MNDAA troops engaged in a series of battles with Burmese army troops on May 12.

TNLA’s 661st Battalion battled Burmese Army at a location between Na Ti and Myauk Zi village in Theinni Township on May 10 at around 9 pm. TNLA source said 20 government soldiers died and 17 wounded in the battle lasted for about an hour.