KIA’s 38th Battalion Fought Burmese Army’s 503rd LIR

KIA’s 38th Battalion on Tuesday fought against Burmese Army’s 503rd Light Infantry Regiment troops at a location between Hpawng Seng and Man Yang in northern Shan State at around 3:25 pm. A KIA officer said Burmese troops later withdrew to Nawng Hpai village. No casualties have been reported on either side.

KIA source said tension remains high in KIA’s 6th Battalion area in Hpakant and 14th Battalion area in Tanai Township.

TNLA source said its 101st Battalion engaged in a series of battles with Burmese Army troops near Loi Mauk village in Muse Township on April 27 and 28. The two sides also encountered near Nam Kat village in Muse Township.