Fighting Rages As Ethnic Allied Forces Enter Laukai

According to local sources, Kokang’s MNDAA troops, its allied Ta-ang’s TNLA and Rakhine’s AA forces reach the center of Laukai today at around 1 pm. Ethnic allied forces entered the city today and occupied some administrative buildings in Laukai, reported a local source. MNDAA troops and its allied forces have launched attacks on Burmese military targets in Laukai and they are trying to liberate Laukai as of now, added the source.

Kokang BGF leader Bai Suo Cheng backed by Burmese Army is on the run after Laukai town hall, Jing Hpu Ta Lu, was attacked by allied ethnic forces at 1 pm. Bai Suo Cheng was appointed as BGF leader by Burmese Army officials after Kokang leader Peng Jiasheng was ousted in 2009.

MNDAA troops and its allied forces had seized Burmese army’s 125th Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) frontline posts – Nyawng Guan post, Maw Htai post, Nam Gut post, and Man Dung Pa post – on Feb 9.

A TNLA source said two fighter jets from Burmese army air force carried out attacks on ethnic allied forces. The two fighter jets pounded on ground troops at 12 pm and again at 1:30 pm. Three helicopters fired at allied troops positions just before the two jets joined the attack, said TNLA source.

Meanwhile, more government troops from 129th LIB and 214th LIB crossed Than Lwin river and headed towards Laukai area. Local sources say about 30 Burmese army trucks with full of Burmese soldiers and 35 trucks with food and ammunition departed Lashio and headed towards Kun Lung. Other 17 military trucks with soldiers and ammunition headed towards Theinni from Lashio.

Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) was among the first to sign ceasefire agreement with then Burma’s ruling military junta, the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), in 1989. Current Burmese military chief, Maj Gen Min Aung Hlaing, oversaw offensive operation which seized Laukai from MNDAA and expelled its leader Peng Jiasheng in Aug 2009.