Battles Rage Between Allied Ethnic Forces and Burmese Army in Lau Kai

Allied ethnic forces from Kokang MNDAA’s 2nd Battalion, Ta-ang TNLA’s 919th Battalion and Arakan Army troops today fought against Burmese Army troops at Chin Ma Lin, Lau Kai in northern Shan State at around 2:30 am. The battle lasted for about 6 hours.

Another allied troops from MNDAA’s 17th Battalion, TNLA’s 447th Battalion and Arakan Army battled Burmese Army near Naung Kaw village in Lau Kai at around 8:30 am.

Burmese Army used 3 helicopters to support its ground troops. Allied troops were bombarded from the sky for at least 24 times, reported a TNLA source.

Casualty information is not yet available from either side.