502nd LIR Troops Killed and Burned 4 Ban Hkan Villagers

Burmese Army’s 502nd Light Infantry Regiment (LIR) troops under Kyauk Me-based 1st Military Operations Command killed and torched 4 Kachin villagers near Manlun Ban Hkan village in Nampaka, located between Kut Kai and Muse in northern Shan State.

The 4 coal miners, Mahaw La Ja (21), Lahtaw Hkun Hpung (18), Zinghang Naw Ja (35), Malang Awng Mai (34) were arrested by Burmese army’s 502nd LIR troops on Jan 25 while they were on their way to a coal mine near Manlun Ban Hkan. Families of those men haven’t heard of their whereabouts for about a week.

On Jan 31, Ban Hkan villagers discovered 4 badly burnt bodies near their village. A funeral service led by Christian ministers was held today for the 4 coal miners.

Locals found three bodies were burned together and another one body was burned just a few yards away.

Hkun Hpung’s mother identified her son’s leg from the remains. Other families had a hard time identifying and putting the burned body parts for their loved ones, said a local source.

Correction: KLN initially reported that those who had been killed by Burmese army soldiers were Mahaw La Ja (21), Lahtaw Hkun Hpung (18), Maran Yaw Han (20), Doi Ring (43).