Tortured KIA Soldier Body Found inside Mai Nawng Post

Local villagers who went to look for a missing KIA private found his body buried inside the Mai Nawng post which Burmese army seized on Nov 18.

Myitung Naw Ja, KIA private, who returned to Mai Nawng Post on that night from family leave was killed by Burmese troops upon his arrival to the post. He went to his house in the village for a prayer service and returned the night when Burmese army launched an attack on Mai Nawng post.

Burmese troops also burned down Mai Nawng post before they left. Villagers who later went to look for Myitung Naw Ja said they found his body buried inside the post with clear marks of torture. They said one tooth was missing and two gunshot wounds, one under right armpit and another under the chin, were found on his body. Myitung Naw Ja returned to his post in civilian clothes on that night but Burmese troops changed his clothes to an army uniform before they buried him, said villagers.

About 30 troops from Burmese army’s Lung Tung-based unit led by Lt. Win Thura and its proxy forces led by Capt. Thaw Zin Aung from Na Mawn Militia attacked KIA 26th Battalion’s Mai Nawng post in Hpakant Township on Nov 18. Only 8 KIA soldiers guarded the post when Burmese army launched an attack. Mai Nawng post later fell in the hands of Burmese troops as reinforcement of about 70 soldiers came.