Battles Rage On in Northern Shan State


Friday, July 18, 2014


Battles rage on between KIA troops and Burmese army in northern Shan State despite relative calm in  Kachin State this week.

KIA’s 2nd Battalion troops led by Second Lieutenant Lashi Naw engaged in a battle against an unknown Burmese army unit at Bang Noi Man Ping in Kutkai Township on July 16 at 8 am, said a KIA source. The battle lasted for about an hour. Neither side released information about the number of casualties during this encounter.

Another group of KIA troops led by Lieutenant Lamung Naw from the 3rd section under 9th Battalion fought against an unknown Burmese army column at a location between Di Ma and Seng Hom village in northern Shan State on July 17 at 12 pm. KIA frontline sources said two government soldiers died in this battle.

The two sides encountered again on the road between Seng Hom and Dak Lek Bum a few hours after the first fight. One KIA soldier was wounded by an artillery shell fired from Burmese army troops.

On July 14, Kachin volunteers under KIA’s 36th Battalion battled an unknown Burmese army unit at Hka Lum village in Pangsai Township at around 6 am. Two Burmese army soldiers were wounded in this encounter with Kachin volunteers.

The same Kachin volunteers under 36th Battalion also fought against a Burmese army column at Pyawng Bum on July 13 at 8 am. There were no reports of casualties on either side.