UNFC says government’s press release is nothing but a Nazi-like propaganda

United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC), an alliance of 12 ethnic armed groups, on Sunday sends its strongest message to the quasi-civilian government backed by Burmese army yet as government’s Union of Myanmar/Burma News Team (UMNT) released a statement on Jan 18 accusing KIO/A of being aggressors employing all the dirty tricks to bully the Tatmadaw troops. The statement said, “the news release is nothing but a Nazi-like propaganda war, the use of media to influence public opinion, to paint the KIO/KIA black in the eyes of the people of Burma and the international community.”

UNFC said in the statement, “Only the most gullible people would believe that Tatmadaw is reacting only in self-defense when it deploys more than 120 army battalions, jet fighters,helicopter gunships and heavy artilleries against the KIO/KIA, which have only about 20 battalions, a few mortars and some militia troops. There is no doubt that Tatmadaw has been waging a total war against the KIO/KIA and the people of Kachin State.”

The statement also mentioned that It is clear that the so-called unilateral ceasefire is designed to appease the international community, the US, UK, Chinaand Japan, which have called for the immediate cessation of hostilities, a few days ago. It was also designed to support Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and to ward off the UNFC deadline.

Ethnic nationalities became more united as the war intensified and government used attack helicopters, fighter jets and heavy artilleries to take control of KIA posts in Laja-yang areas, located just about seven miles from KIO administrative capital Laiza. One ethnic leader said, “We consider government’s attack to KIA as an attack to all ethnic nationalities, one of us can always be in the same position as KIO/A’s”.

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