Chinese and Burmese officials conspire to crush KIO

According to local intelligent sources, the latest operation carried out by Burmese army is called “Moe Gyoo, Lightning Operation” among army officials. Burmese government reportedly informed Chinese officials that they will begin “Carpet Bombing Operation”, another name of this latest operation, in China-Burma border beginning mid December.
Officials from Chinese and Burmese government met at Yurui Hot Spring Garden Hotel in Ruili city in Yunnan/China on Dec 27. “they spent overnight at the same hotel with entertainments,” said a local source. Air strikes on KIO positions in Pangwa areas and KIO administrative capital Laiza area dramatically increased with the use of fighter jets painted with red stripes on their body the day after the two sides met at Ruili. “I think Chinese showed green light for air strikes at the meeting, Burmese army escalated its use of fighter jets and bombers after the meeting,” said  a local businessman with knowledge of Chinese officials told KLN on Wednesday. He continued, “As an effort to limit KIO’s financial sources, Burmese government officials asked Chinese officials not to allow local businessmen to sell and trade jade and to limit jade trading at trade emporium where only jade companies under military-owned Union of Myanmar Economics Holdings Limited can sell Kachin jades to Chinese customers.

Another sign of Chinese’s involvement in Kachin war is that Chinese government which often emphasizes on its sovereignty and territorial integrity has largely been silent on Burmese army’s mortar shells landing in Chinese soil for several times in the past week.

KIO spokeperson Salang Kaba La Nan told Christian Science Monitor on Wednesday that Burmese army jets flew 1 kilometer into China on New Year day near border post no. 6 in Pangwa areas where government’s air force pounded KIA position with fighter jets and helicopters since Dec 28.

Local residents said that they clearly saw Burmese army’s fighters, believed to be China-made Hongdu JL-8 fighter jet, used Chinese airspace to attack on KIA frontline posts near Laja-yang on Dec 28.

On Dec 30, 3 artillery shells fired by Burmese army’s 367th artillery unit based at Hkangkai hill in Dawhpum-yang landed on Nhkum-yang village in Chinese side of the border. On the same day, a mortar shell landed near Na Bang village in Chinese soil during a battle between KIA’s capital security forces and a combined force of Burmese army’s 146th LIR and 317th LIB at Bum Re hill.

A mortar shell fired by Burmese army landed on Chinese soil hitting a temporary house for Chinese border guard troops during a battle between KIA’s Padang sector troops and Burmese army’s 10th LIB under Magway-based 88th LID on Dec 14.

More infantry units and battle tanks from lower Burma have arrived in Kachin state capital Myitkyina and Bhamo by both train and trucks. A source close to Burmese officials say Burmese army has prepared to use as much as 15,000 ground troops to eliminate KIO. A source told KLN that a high ranking Burmese government’s official claimed to root out Kachin Independence Organization as taro roots being removed from the soil.