International community largely silent on Burmese government’s army aerial bombardment

Burmese government’s army fighter jet attacks a KIA post near Laiza

Fierce fighting continue between Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and Burmese government’s army as the prospects for talks have been stalled since the two sides last met at Ruili city on Oct 30. Burmese army escalated offensives after the Christmas deadline issued by northern commander Brig Gen Tun Tun Naung passed.

International community has been largely silent on Burmese army’s aerial bombardment despite such air attacks breach international laws. Burmese government’s army has carried out village burning, indiscriminate bombing with artillery shells killing innocent civilians, aerial bombing and the denial of food to more than 50,000 Internally displaced persons in KIO controlled area as a weapon require a much more robust response from the international community, said a local Kachin observer.

A fierce battle took place between KIA’s capital security force and a combined force of Burmese army’s 146th LIR and 317th LIB at Bum Re hill on Dec 30. Although the exact number remains unknown, KIA source says both sides suffered casualties in this fierce battle as two Burmese army’s fighter jets pounded KIO frontline posts for at least two rounds with rockets. Meanwhile, Burmese army’s artillery unit continuously shelled with 105 mm and 120 mm mortar shells on area around KIO administrative capital Laiza. A local source says a mortar shell landed near Na Bang village in Chinese soil.

Two Burmese army’s fighter jets fired rockets on KIO positions for two rounds in a battle between KIA’s capital security force and Burmese army infantry units under 88th LID on Dec 29. Another five air planes including fighter jets fired several rounds of rockets on KIA posts at Jahta village, reported a local frontline source.

In another front near Laiza, Burmese army’s infantry units under Mogaung-based MOC-3 and KIA capital security forces fought between Namsan-yang and Ban Dawng on Dec 29 from 11 am to 5 pm. At least 10 government soldiers died in this battle, reported a KIA frontline source. Two government’s attack helicopters fired rockets and machine guns on KIA positions in this battle.

Fighting has also intensified in KIA’s areas in northern Shan state. A fierce battle took place between KIA’s 8th Battalion under 4th Brigade and an advancing Burmese army column at Bang Nyau village on Dec 29.

KIO spokesperson Slg. Kaba La Nan said, “Burmese army has carried out aerial bombardment recklessly. They attacked from fighter jets and attack helicopters with rockets on even a small KIA frontline post”. Local sources say Burmese government’s air force flew more than 25 sorties as of Dec 29 to attack on KIA positions near Laiza.


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